Falzmaschine DF-1000     Falzmaschine DF-1000
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Modelltyp: Falzmaschine DF-1000

Falzmaschine DF-1000
Falzmaschine DF-1000 Falzmaschine DF-1000 Falzmaschine DF-1000 Falzmaschine DF-1000 Falzmaschine DF-1000 Falzmaschine DF-1000

Allgemeine Daten

Referenz-Nr.: 4096
Hersteller: Duplo
Typ: Falzmaschine DF-1000
Baujahr: ca.: 2008
Lieferzeit: Sofort
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For office use/desktop

Paper size


297 (W) × 432 (L) mm (Along paper feed direction) ∗ Maximum paper width: A3


120 (W) × 182 (L) mm (Along paper feed direction)

Paper quality

Fine quality paper, recycled paper, art paper, coated paper

Folding mode

Single fold, double fold, irregular accordion fold, letter fold, accordion fold, other custom fold

∗ However, when double folding B6 size paper, use fine quality paper of 64 g/m2, set the processing speed above speed 4, and set the folded plane length of folding plate 2 to more than 47 mm.

Paper weight

Fine quality paper, recycled paper : 52.3 to 157 g/mArt paper, coated paper : 73.3 to 157 g/m2

∗ However, when single folding art paper or coated paper width less than 216 mm, paper up to 209.4 g/mcan be used.

Paper feed tray capacity

1000 sheets (fine quality paper 81.4 g/m2)

Maximum processing speed

200 sheets/minute
Condition: When 64 g/m
A4 size fine quality paper is single folded

Paper feed method

Air suction paper feed method

Paper feed tray control function

Paper presence detection, automatic rise/descent (manual raising/lowering also possible)

Paper size detection function

Automatic detection of following standard paper sizes: A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, and B6 (fed by short edge feeding)

Paper feed error detection function

Mis-feed, continuous-feed, paper jam


4-digit, selection of add or subtract count method

Other detection functions

Opening/closing of top cover L/R and side cover, with/without folding plate, paper feed tray UP/DOWN error
Various operational guidance including error messages are displayed on the LCD

Additional functions

Folding stopper position adjustment registration (30 ways), custom folding registration (2 ways), non-standard paper length registration, interval, last time fold, folding stopper fixed, thick paper supported, forced paper ejection, forced paper ejection in folding plate, stacker belt continuous rotation

Energy saving functions

LCD backlight automatic OFF

Power supply

100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Current consumption

2 to 1 A (140 W)


In use

1,277 (W) × 534 (D) × 590 (H) mm

In storage

912 (W) × 534 (D) × 590 (H) mm

Mass (Weight)

71 kg


Gewicht: 71
Größe: 1,277 (W) × 534 (D) × 590 (H) mm
Stromanschluss: 240V
Stromverbrauch: 140W

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